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Welcome to the Monterey Regional Conservation Investment Strategy. Learn about the initiative by TAMC and Caltrans.

Fast Facts

What is an RCIS?

A Regional Conservation Investment Strategy assess the vulnerability of species and habitat to climate change related stressors (drought, wildfire, and landslides, etc.); develop conservation strategies to improve resiliency from the identified stressors; and define a framework to finance the implementation of these conservation strategies as compensatory mitigation from new transportation improvements.

RCIS Highlights

Monetery RCIS Overview

Introduction outlining how conservation actions were developed, including data sources, such as recovery plans, and outreach.

User Guide

List of chapters or sections, divided by potential users of the Monterey RCIS, to help you understand what may be useful to achieve the proposed objectives.

Regional Setting

Description of the natural, built, and planning environments of the Monterey RCIS area as defined by the county boundary.

Selection Methodology

Process and key considerations for the selection of focal species and focal conservation elements, and non-focal species and non-focal conservation elements for the Monterey RCIS.

Focal Species

The 28 plant and wildlife species that are identified as having high priority for conservation, based on a necessity for habitat enhancement opportunities in the RCIS area.

Conservation Elements

The six focal conservation elements that are identified as high priority for conservation.


In the Monterey RCIS process, a diverse group of people were instrumental in developing the conservation goals - federal, state, local agencies and non-governmental organizations. Read about our partners to learn who they are, what they value most and how we worked together to define success.

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